About the Artisan

Deschamps Designs Golf Mill

This company is a one man operation; Serge Deschamps in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. At it's core Deschamps Designs Golf is melding classic aesthetics to both modern and traditional manufacturing methods to deliver something personal and beautiful that performs. All operations from design and CAD, CNC programming, machining, finishing processes, headcover making, paintfill, assembly, loft-lie adjustment and packaging are done under 1 roof.

To do this I have drawn on educational backgrounds in machining and mechanical engineering, 15 years of manufacturing experience combined with a need to create, a love of sculpture and most importantly a love of golf.

Thank you for visiting my website and taking time to learn about Deschamps Designs Golf. Below are the values that drive both the company and me.



Continuous Improvement and Learning

Making continuous improvements to environment, processes and workflow is not a luxury but a necessity as a micro manufacturer with limited space, power and machinery. Work methods like 5S, one piece flow and lean are required to ensure quality putters are made in a timely manner. 

Thousands of hours have been spent improving putter designs, CNC programs, finishing methods, space organization, fixture design & manufacture, headcover making, inspection techniques and the like. The CNC mill has gone through several performance upgrades. Even things like loft and lie bending, taking pictures, process documentation and packaging have seen revisions to improve quality and efficiency.

To foster continuous improvement and creativity requires a great deal of learning and being able to put that learning into practice. Educational background and work experience are a good start but the learning that is always happening is what really drives things forward. From designing and building the CNC mill, to learning leathercraft and making headcovers, to experimenting with and developing finishing methods, to learning about optimizing cutting tools. This is more than just "making parts".

Commitment to Quality

Quality putters start with quality materials and components. Brass is bought from a local company that sources from Canadian and US mills. Grips are made in USA Best Grips leather, shafts are KBS CT Tour, headcover material is Horween made in USA vegetable tanned bison and cow leathers. Cheaper stuff is not on the table. It is all top quality and part of the price.

Faces are milled flat to .001" or less, tolerance on head-weight is 1g, loft and lie is measured on a separate golf club gage (not the bending machine), loft and lie are set to "right on the line" or as close as can be measured, care is taken in edge blending and rounding. Finishing, paint-fill and assembly are all given the respect and time they deserve.

I'm not promising perfection (no one can), but excellence.

Honesty and Integrity

Being up front and honest is a big part of Deschamps Designs Golf. I hope that you as a customer have all the information needed on this website to make an informed decision about if you would like to purchase one of my putters. I make no crazy tech or performance claims but simply offer top quality putters with personalization options.

I will not copy from other putter makers (tour dots, crosshair stamps, crafted/krafted, dancing letters, patented grooves) nor will I use copyrighted or trademarked material. To me, this is stealing of ideas, which is wrong.

With every order I will do my level best to ensure your putter is made as requested and that workmanship is up to snuff. 

Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing

As a micro manufacturer run out of a basement and garage, Deschamps Designs Golf has a very small carbon footprint. There isn't a whole facility being energized and heated/cooled. The CNC mill, bench buffer, saw and tumblers don't draw a lot of power and there isn't a compressor running.

All brass chips are recycled at a local facility.

Packaging is as eco-friendly as practicable. There are no foam inserts, air bags  or packing peanuts and paper tape is used as opposed to plastic. All of this is completely recyclable. The only plastic is a small Ziplock for the included T9 corrosion inhibitor.