Putter Machining Process

Your putter starts as taking the information from the order including custom engravings, updating CAM files and generating new CNC code. The head's billet is sawn for 1.25" square brass stock and the neck billet is sawn from 1" square brass stock. Machining takes 4 stages for the head, 4 for the neck and 1 more for the alignment aid.

Bumpers, topline, back of the cutout, bottom and side face edges are rounded or chamfered in the mill to ensure consistency of appearance and dimensions. The neck side edges are machined in the same way.



Putter Finishing and Assembly Process

Edges that are not rounded or chamfered in the mill are rounded with small files for internal edges and a 3M deburring wheel for external edges. All surfaces and edges are lightly smoothed with fine Scotch-Brite wheels. The head and neck are then carefully examined for any imperfections or edge blending issues.

All finishing is done in house with further Scotch-Brite (wheels and sheets) tumblers and antiquing processes depending on the finish selected. 

Paintfill is enamel (Testors) for durability and the head is then protected with Boeshield T9 corrosion inhibitor. The neck is bent in a custom made bending machine and measured on a separate club measuring gauge. The grip is installed after bending to ensure it is square.

Custom putter bending

Making the Headcover

Headcovers are handmade and sewn with top quality Horween (Chicago, USA) vegetable tanned leathers, double layer merino wool, 1/2" rare earth magnets and Tiger Ritza 0.6mm thread.

The cover and liner are hand cut using templates that took several tries to get just right. The patch is branded and cut. Leather cover and patch edges are hand burnished with burnishing compound and a slicker. The magnets and liner are glued on, then liner, magnets and patch are hand sewn in. The cover is glued and hand sewn closed, and the joined edges are trimmed with a scalpel and sanded until flush. Seam edges are rounded and the seam is hand burnished at least twice until smooth. 

Leather putter headcover template and cutting

Putter headcover materials leathers wool

Leather putter headcover hand stitchingLeather putter headcover stitch hole punching